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Professional Services​​

We provide customized luxury transportation.
We customize our transportation service to individual customer needs. Our service is exclusive to one party per vehicle and whenever needed. We provide prearranged (by reservation) transportation only. Law prohibits limousine services from on the spot pick-ups like taxis.

We provide two types of service, Pick-up/Drop-off and Hourly (chartered):

  • Our Pick-up/Drop-off services are non-stop. It is from one customer specified pick-up point to one customer specified destination.

  • Our Hourly (chartered) services are as directed. It can be from any number of customer specified pick-up points to as many destinations, stops, and waits as the passengers direct. This service is suitable for customers needing exclusive service for a number of hours and/or needing extra stops and/or waits of unpredictable length.

When number of stops and waiting times are known in advance, two or more Pick-up/Drop-off services may be less expensive than one Hourly charter.

We provide consultations and estimates for evaluating different options to assist you, the customer, in determining the options best suited to your needs.

Our Services
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